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Teacher Training Course

Application procedure for TTC 2020

2020 TTC dates and location:

  • September 26, 2020, (arrival date) to March 3, 2021 (departure date)
  • Location: Chanthaburi, Thailand

How to start your application for the Transcendental Meditation® Teacher Training Course (TTC)

IMPORTANT: There are two phases of the TTC application process:

  • Phase 1: Online pre-application (There are two forms to submit; see links directly below)
  • Phase 2: The complete TTC Application (See details below.)

Phase 1

Applicants from the United States are required to submit two short online pre-application forms. Please use these links to fill out and submit BOTH forms:

Phase 2

Complete the full TTC application. Detailed TTC application information and requirements are available only online on the private TTC 2020 website. To gain access to these detailed application instructions, each TTC applicant must contact the Certified Teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program (Governor) that you wish to be your “recommending Governor.” He or she will help you through the full application process, which includes the online application, an interview with a Board of Governors, and more.

This is an extensive application, so please begin working with your recommending Governor as soon as possible. All information—including the daily routine and activities on TTC, plus all details about the application process and requirements—is provided on the online TTC application website.

Next Steps

After you have completed the two TTC pre-applications (See above.):

  • For all TTC applicants from the United States: Please tell your recommending Governor to contact to gain access to the full TTC application website. Then meet with your recommending Governor to go over the application requirements.
  • Additionally, for Meditator TTC applicants from the United States: Your recommending Governor will also have information on how you can apply for one of the upcoming TM-Sidhi® courses. You will need to apply for this as soon as possible, as the TTC and TM-Sidhi course applications need to be processed together. Please contact your recommending Governor immediately, in conjunction with Bobbi Ringwalt at, to begin this process.

Application closing dates and fees

All application requirements must be completed and submitted by the application closing date. (See schedule below.)

  1. February 20: Deadline for completion of full TTC application
  2. July 1: Deadline for completion of pre-TTC home-study assignments. For TTC 2020, applicants are required to complete several weeks of pre-TTC study assignments at home before receiving acceptance to the course.
  3. July 10: Deadline for completion of Board of Governors meeting

Note: All deadlines—for completion of the full online TTC application, the pre-TTC study, and Board of Governors meeting—must be met in order to be considered for acceptance to the 2020 TTC.

Non-refundable application-fee and late-fee schedule (The non-refundable application fee is deducted from the TTC course fee if the applicant attends TTC.)

  • February 1–March 31, 2020: U.S. $250 non-refundable application fee
  • April 1–30, 2020: U.S. $500 ($250 non-refundable application fee + $250 late fee) Note: The late fee is not applicable to the TTC course fee.

All TTC Course Fees to be paid by July 30, 2020. All application details must be completed by the application closing date. Once you have completed the pre-application, please contact your recommending Governor.


For more information, please contact:

U.S. citizens: 209-1879 ext. 107
Please indicate your age and whether you have completed the TM course or the TM-Sidhi course.

We look forward to welcoming many participants to enjoy this course.