MaharishiTeacher Training Course

Experiences and Comments

from Teachers of the
Transcendental Meditation Technique

Yanira Funes

“It’s a beautiful experience to give the Transcendental Meditation technique to new generations. They blossom into happier students, and school becomes easier and more enjoyable for them. It is truly a lovely thing to see!”
—Yanira Funes
Teaches the TM technique to underserved students in Los Angeles

Joshua Pittman

“Everyone’s dream is to find a way to earn a living doing what they love. For me, TM has been a great career choice. Whether you are teaching corporate executives, kids in school, or veterans facing PTSD, people are so deeply appreciative when they find an effective tool offering profound personal development. It’s amazing to see how someone who has been suffering from PTSD and insomnia for years or decades can start feeling better in just a few days.”
—Joshua Pittman
Teaches the TM technique in programs for students, veterans, and the homeless in the greater NYC area

Monica Sanny

“Most service-oriented careers aim at helping one area of a person’s life. By teaching the TM technique, I am giving these kids a tool that enriches every part of their life, whether it be their physical or mental health, their ability to achieve more at school or work, or their relationships. I could not ask for a better job.”
—Monica Sanny
TM teacher and Quiet Time program coordinator in California

Angie Boulton

“Teaching the Transcendental Meditation technique has been so rewarding. It’s hard to put into words the satisfaction one gets from helping people find real relief and witnessing the transformation that takes place in each individual. I’m full of gratitude.”
—Angie Boulton
Teaches the TM technique to students and faculty in Los Angeles

Preston Boulton

“Teaching in Los Angeles schools has been such a rewarding experience. The students and faculty tell us heartwarming stories of using their TM practice in times of need, or feeling closer to their families after meditating at home.”
—Preston Boulton
Teaches the TM technique to students and faculty in Los Angeles

Krystle Liggins

“When I meet people and they ask, ‘What do you do?’ I tell them, ‘I teach Transcendental Meditation in the San Francisco Unified School District.’ They say, ‘Oh, cool,’ and then they stop, think about it, and say, ‘You’re teaching what?’ They think it’s so cool!”
—Krystle Liggins
Teaches the TM technique to high school students in San Francisco

Rachel Katz

“The social worker’s credo is not to make decisions for another person, but to empower them to make decisions for themselves. TM directly supports this mission. I get to witness in our program's students the development of more clarity, energy, autonomy, and joy. I consider this work an honor and a blessing.”
—Rachel Katz
Women’s Initiative & Special Projects, David Lynch Foundation

Peter Trivelas

“Because I’m a veteran myself, I also bring TM to other vets who are healing from the stresses of wartime conditions. I consider myself fortunate to be able to bring this powerful technique to those whose lives might otherwise remain troubled.”
—Peter Trivelas
Teaches the TM technique to veterans and at-risk students in Los Angeles

Sara Costello

“I have seen the transformation that TM brings in the school culture and in individuals. My students are so grateful to have this easy and profound tool to empower themselves, and not just during Quiet Time, but as a technique they will carry with them throughout their lives.”
—Sara Costello
Lead teacher in the Quiet Time program at a Los Angeles high school

Vidya Schechtman

“I love to see my students transform after their first meditation—to see them relax and, for the first time, feel who their true self is. But what I love even more is when they tell me how they feel after they’ve been meditating for six months—how they feel so much happier and stronger inside, how they are a better version of themselves. Being a TM teacher is really being in the happiness profession, and that is amazingly fulfilling! Part of life is giving back, in whatever way that you can give back. I wanted to become a meditation teacher so that could be my contribution to society.”
—Vidya Schechtman
Supervises 400 middle school students who practice the TM technique at the start and end of each school day

Noah Schechtman

“The thing I like most about being a TM teacher is when one of my students tells me about how their meditation has enriched their life. Of all the things I could do to help people, I feel this has the greatest positive impact—and when I hear that reflection from someone I've taught to meditate, that is the greatest payment I could receive.”
—Noah Schechtman
Site director for three public schools where more than 2,000 students, teachers, and staff practice the TM technique

Kennidy Stood

“The world needs strong, grounded, and empowered young people now more than ever, and I can’t think of a more powerful way to support that than by giving students the gift of themselves through the TM technique.”
—Kennidy Stood
Teaches the TM technique to middle school students in Los Angeles

Lynn Kaplan

“There are no words to describe the experience of providing a way to inner peace and the safety that lies within to a child who has had serious trauma. Young people feel the relief right away and deeply appreciate this powerful gift of peace.”
—Lynn Kaplan
Regional director of the the David Lynch Foundation in Los Angeles

Rama Hall

“It is very rewarding because we meditate with the kids one-on-one. And when you look over at them when they’re meditating, and you just see that peace on their face, that’s the reward right there.”
—Rama Hall
TM teacher in San Francisco schools

Donielle Freeberg

“I am particularly passionate about teaching TM to empower young women and girls who have experienced trauma and abuse. It is inspiring to see how teaching this simple technique to these young women has a positive impact not only for the individuals, but also for their children and families. With each girl I teach, I can see a ripple of positivity that will impact the generations to come. When I teach someone to meditate, I feel like I’m giving them the greatest gift that they could ever receive. There’s nothing more profound, there’s nothing more essential to life than the ability to be with your Self.”
—Donielle Freeberg
Teaches the TM technique to teenage girls who have been victims of abuse

Matthew August

“The David Lynch Foundation is the best because it gives young people who are committed to making a better world an avenue to work with. I have taught hundreds of kids to meditate who live in very rough neighborhoods. Their lives have been changed for the good, and they only got this opportunity because of the generosity of the David Lynch Foundation. This is the best job I could ever dream of.”
—Matthew August
TM teacher for hundreds of inner-city high school students in the San Francisco Bay area

TM teachers in Los Angeles schools: Yanira Funes, Sara Costello, Angie Boulton, Lynn Kaplan, Preston Boulton, Kennidy Stood, Monica Sanny, Peter Trivelas

TM teachers in Los Angeles schools
Top Row: Yanira Funes, Sara Costello, Angie Boulton, Lynn Kaplan
Bottom Row: Preston Boulton, Kennidy Stood, Monica Sanny, Peter Trivelas